Paso Robles half Marathon Race evaluation

On March 24th I ran the Paso Robles half Marathon. next year’s race dates are not up yet – so stay tuned.

The expo: There wasn’t one. This is a little race of a few thousand runners as well as the packet pick-up was up a windy road on the grounds of a hot springs spa.
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There were 3 tables set up – one to pick up your bib, one to get your tee shirt as well as one to inspect that you were in the computer.

I didn’t indication up before hand so I did exact same day registration as well as they didn’t want to take a credit score card?! The people at the registration table were undoubtedly volunteers as well as incredibly nice, however they didn’t truly understand exactly how to manage exact same day registration as well as I stood there for over 10 minutes while they figured it out.

The starting line: considering that it was a little race getting to the area was simple (even though it was a little street to discover as well as park at). There was lots of car parking in an open field as well as people directing traffic.

There were likewise lots of porta-potties. undoubtedly this is concern #1.

Das Rennen begann pünktlich. There were no corrals, however it was simple to discover a area if you desired one in a specific area. This didn’t seem like a competitive race with tons of people battling for the front.

The Course: It’s hilly, however has long stretches of flat too.  There was one hill toward the end that made me want to stop running. But, we are in central California white wine country so it is gorgeous. There was no gels or chews on the course, however a lot of aid stations had water as well as a sports drink.  The weather condition on race day was awesome as well as drizzly – I believed that was perfect.

You run with a rural area with vineyards as well as long windy roads. There is not a great deal of crowd support, however the aid station volunteers were cheering!

Around mile 12 there is one last huge hill that sucks. Then, you run with a trail-like area for the last mile. It would have been awesome if not for the truth that it was drizzly as well as muddy.

The surface line: You get a commemorative white wine glass NOT a medal. Irgendwie mag ich das! But, I believed there would be booths pouring white wine at the surface line (hello, if I’m in white wine country I want to be borderline drunk in any way times). No, your race packet had a card with a listing of wineries where you might get complimentary tastings over the weekend, however that didn’t assist numb the pain of a hilly half immediately.

But, there was no publish race food – I was handed a water after getting my white wine glass, however that was it. That’s fine for a incredibly inexpensive race, however this was $65 (which I understand is inexpensive compared to some races however that’s just since we’re numb to sky high costs now).

Other stuff to do / eat in the area: This is a fantastic destination race since it’s white wine country! You can do tasting as well as take pleasure in the appeal all weekend before the race!

At the exact same time, this is not a fantastic destination race since you’ll be lured to partake in white wine tastings all weekend! Schuldig im Sinne der Anklage.

Ben as well as I drove out to the coastline to take pleasure in the day on Saturday too. There is a great deal to perform in the area, however you requirement a vehicle (and a designated driver).

We stayed at the Marriott – it’s one of the few “in between” choices in Paso. I feel like so lots of other locations as well as incredibly elegant or incredibly tragic. (Luckily, one of my clients gets me a discount!)

Price: $65 – for being a little race (and truly seeming like a little race) I believed this was overpriced. There was no post-race food that I saw.

Overall: I had a great time – a great deal of that is since I had a truly great weekend overall. outside of the registration problem the rest of the packet pick up as well as the race went smoothly. I would do it once again if only just to get some a lot more wine…

You can checked out my Paso Robles Race recap here.



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