B. Sprout is Back

I feel like it’s been sooo long considering that I’ve had roasted brussel sprouts! I assumption my travels last week provided me withdrawals! Well, never concern – they are back!

It was a whole roasted feast with Roasted Brussel Sprouts as well as Roasted Chickpeas. I tossed the chickpeas in TJ’s teriyaki sauce mixed with red pepper flakes as well as soy sauce– best combo of sweet, salty as well as spicy.
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I went back for a lot more chickpeas considering that they were soooo good!

Today I got this concern as well as believed I’d response it right here considering that I’ve been asked this a number of times as well as it’s a great one:

I was wondering if you utilize any type of protein powder ever?  I just went to the physician for some stomach problems as well as she believes that I am taking in method as well much fiber as well as not sufficient protein.  She likewise states I must up the dairy.  I am going to try to eat greek yogurt as much as I don’t like it… however I was wondering.. do you have any type of ideas for a lot more protein?  Or is there any type of one type of product (such as protein powder) you recommend?

My preferred methods to get protein are:

–  Beans as well as rice (eaten together these foods make a total protein)

– Greek yogurt or cottage cheese: If you don’t like Greek yogurt you can eat “regular” yogurt however add a huge scoop of Greek yogurt or cottage cheese. This adds protein without having to eat it by itself. likewise – you can add greek yogurt to smoothies!

   often I eat cottage cheese with cereal instead of milk or yogurt. as well as Greek yogurt with lemon curd is outstanding – try it that way!

– Tofu, veggie burgers: I understand veggie burgers are processed, however they are simple as well as taste good!

– Eggs: You can eat eggs for breakfast, difficult boiled eggs to salads, mix egg whites into oatmeal.

– protein Powder: I do utilize protein powder occasionally, however normally only add it to smoothies if it’s for breakfast. You can likewise add it to oatmeal.

Here is the kind I have on hand ideal now…

This afternoon I was hungry as well as made some path mix to enjoy. This was my go-to snack when I was losing weight a few years ago…nuts, cereal, raisins. I truly requirement to get to sleep early tonight – I’m truly dragging today.

Bis morgen.

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