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best when we were about to eat lunch my Nino as well as Nina called as well as invited us to lunch at Sizzler. far be it for me to turn down a salad bar, so I was around that. But, because it was midday as well as Sizzler wasn’t up until 2pm, I needed a snack…

I had chickpeas, fruit  tuna with crackers. Random, maybe.
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Delicious as well as just what I wanted, yes.

After a quick see to my Grams it was Sizzler time! I had the salad bar as well as started with a huge SALAD. I would breakdown the elements of this salad, however I’m not going to insult your intelligence by suggesting you don’t understand what the heck run of the mill salad stuff looks like…

Round II was fruit, much more bread, as well as this whipped cream based oreo salad thing. It was extremely rich as well as delicious.

After lunch we hit up Matt’s basketball game. Sie haben gewonnen.

I have been counting down the hours as well as minutes up until I can get some high quality frozen yogurt in CA! But, very first I took a walk to get myself truly revved up for it. before leaving I had some leftover couscous with beans.Then, lastly it was yogurt time!

This one is mine, I got a number of kinds of frozen yogurt as well as went to town on the toppings. I always get granola, since that’s my favorite, as well as today I likewise got some great chocolately toppings. This puppy much better last me a few months because I won’t be able to hit up Blizzberry the next time I’m in town.It’s going to be a while before I get ice cream once again when I leave CA, I’m planning on providing it up for Lent! This was completely worth every bite ?

No eating after dinner…

The combination of the time change, traveling as well as strange meal times has my body a bit “off”, I am dedicated to not eating after dinner if it’s random snacking (which it mainly has been in the past, thus the rule) – however if I’m hungry, I’ll have something. I’m still honoring my hunger, this goal is to honor my lack of hunger!

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